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Amsterdam city, the very popular capital of the Netherlands, attracts many tourists every year, throughout the year.

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It is the city where everything is possible, you are free to do whatever you want, you can waste your day away hanging in a chair on one of the many terraces that litter every square and street corner imaginable, and also, Amsterdam has a great cultural tradition.


You can enjoy the wonderful, historic architecture for free, simply by wandering the streets, or you can visit any of the museums the city has to offer and take a look at a genuine Rembrandt or van Gogh. You can also choose to revel at the lovely canals crossing all the way through the city and the great shopping streets, but honestly, why would you waste your time doing that when there is another side to Amsterdam which is much more enjoyable.


Amsterdam has a great nightlife, celebrated in many clubs, pubs and coffee shops. In short, Amsterdam is the perfect place for a stag, hen or simply a group of friends wanting to have a wild time together. We weren’t kidding when we said you are free to do whatever you want in this city.

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Amsterdam knows this and it does attract many tourist groups, so the city has adapted itself to be able to accommodate perfectly. You might think that, travelling in a group, you and your friends will be scattered over a hotel Amsterdam has, or even over multiple Amsterdam hotels or Amsterdam hostels, but there is another, much more fun way to stay in Amsterdam as a group.


What about if you and your friends had the chance to stay in one of the wonderful Amsterdam apartments. You would all be in the same place together with all the privacy you need. You can bump into each other the morning after, trying to wake up in the kitchen. You can have a nice relaxing breakfast together before you venture back into the city centre for yet another adventure. And the best thing is, that groups receive great discounts in apartment accommodation.


You can usually all stay in the same apartment together, depending on the size of your group. If you are with more than one apartment can take, we can put you in two separate apartments, but we can always try to make sure they are close together. These amazing Amsterdam apartments can be all yours to enjoy during your stay, and you get to live like a real Amsterdammer while you’re here.


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